Coin Acceptor WS Series

Modul Basis
November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018
Modul Basis
November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018

WS coin acceptors emit opening signals to pedestrian barriers

Particularly suitable for single entrances to public conveniences

Application Area : Sanitary Facilities
Product Category :

Stainless steel housing for self-service facilities
Elevated vandalism protection
1 – 3 coins or tokens
with 2 lockable coin cassettes


  • Modell B24 Modell With basic functionality 24V DC/AC
  • Modell C24 Basic model with “eurokey” extension 24V DC/AC
  • Modell R24 Basic model with free/engaged display 24V DC/AC
  • Modell CR24 Basic model with “eurokey” extension and free/engaged display 24V DC/AC

Options: alimentation 12VDC or power supply 230VDC(for indoor use) for models 24V

Mechanical Properties:

  • Inlet chest in 1,5mm stainless steel, W:187mm, H:357mm, D:78mm
  • Protruding circumference border stainless steel 5,5mm, vertical ground surface, 22mm width
    Extra width: left 17mm, right 10mm, top 20mm bottom 20mm
  • Cable feed on rear or top
  • Mounting: Back or side plate, optionally with secondary mounting plate
  • Front stainless steel 3mm, backing slide plate with 3 point suspension, ground
  • Supported locking cylinder
  • max. 0,8mm hatch gap
  • Coin acceptor CF330 mounted on front plate, with acceptor and return slots
  • Supported return button
  • Price tag screwed on
  • Outdoor version, preferably under roof without direct exposure to sunlight
  • with “eurokey” lock and handicapped-sign(versions C and CR)
  • with engaged/vacant display (versions R and CR)
  • Coin cassettes lockable, stainless steel, vapacity ca. 900cm3
  • Einlasskasten


  • Control unit, heater and power supply in acceptor case
  • 24V DC/AC Power supply (12VDCupon request,230V AC with sep. power supply)
  • Thermostat heater 13°C, 5W
  • Electric door strike output potential-free, 5 A max
  • Handicapped door control output via key, potential-free, 5A max.
  • “vacant/engaged”-switch input
  • Socket/screw terminals 10-pin, 1,5mm2
  • Calculator and display on front panel
  • Price programmable in steps of 10 cents (31 steps max.)
  • Opening time adjustable 5 – 15 sec.
  • Acoustic door open signal:

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