Ribbon Switches

ROSHO LCM 709 B-2 end of live
November 8, 2018
*NEU* Roscho LCM 706 FS
November 8, 2018

Ribbon switches are sensors designed to protect people from harm or machinery from damage. They are mainly used on moving parts such as motorized doors, machinery, etc. to protect from squeezing. They are also popularly used as a signalling device for passengers to the driver in public transport vehicles.

Application Area: Public Transport

Product Category: Safety Mats

Pressure on the profile breaks the electric circuit in the ribbon switch.

Bilexa is offering a multitude of ribbon switches in terms of dimensions, sensitivity and stopping castor span for all relevant applications.

Application Areas

  • Automatic Doors
  • Automatic Seperator Walls
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Escalators
  • Transport Systems
  • Installations for the Disabled
  • Machine Hatches
  • Loading Ramps
  • Squeezing edges in machinery and plants


  • Simple and reliable switching principle
  • Wide Product Range
  • Low Sensitivity
  • Custom Designs
  • Simple Mounting
  • Rugged Profile
  • Fail-Safe Cabling
  • Different sensors can be wired serially
  • Various Interface Controllers Available
  • Various Mounting Rails Available


TS6 No castor span; for squeezing edges
TS16S High sensitivity, short castor span
TS26C Compact, rugged ribbon switch with comfortable castor span
TS46D Long castor span. Specially designed for personal protection.
TS47 High sensitivity, longcastor span
TS48 Voluminous ribbon switch with comfortable castor span
KS1001 Rugged ribbon switch with comfortable castor span
KS4401 Extremely long castor span, short actuator span
KS3003 Compact, rugged ribbon switch with comfortable castor span
SLDTS6 With steel rail, extra long housing profiles up to 10 m