Beleg-, Zahl- & Schiebemulden

Proof, number and sliding hollows

High quality for large values!

Security does not permit compromises with the development and production. Our broad product range of funds delivery plants, proof hollows, door hatches, luggage and funds car air-locks makes a program available for all requirements

Ideas in sheet metal

With the requirement of first-class quality and highest reliability and manufacture we design products with maximum precision for the range safety engineering.

But product quality is only the one side:
Optimal consultation and support and an customer-oriented service are just as important for us. We draw from many years experience and technical innovation and can offer custom-made solutions to you from there for your individual requirements. And because we carry here special out, we became one of the prominent manufacturers in this industry. Whether safety engineering or metalworking - on our experience you can rely.

Proof hollows, number slidegate valves, drive-up teller's windows, police and doorman switches

  • sanitary facilities
  • ski resorts
  • public transport
  • Spa / Wellness
  • Leisure / Museums
  • Gebäudeschutz
  • Events & Stadiums
  • car parking
  • building security
  • handheld
  • video systems mobile and stationary
  • vehicles
  • buildings

Sliding Flat Tray Mod. 40.01 – ersetzt durch Mod. 20

Sliding flat tray for passing documents up paper size DIN A4 and rolls of coins up to a diameter of…


Sliding Flat Tray Mod. 30

Sliding flat tray for passing documents up paper size DIN A4 and rolls of coins up to a diameter of…


Universal cash-drawer Mod. 20 spät F90

A cash-drawer of universal uses with tray and carriage moving in opposite directions.


Schiebemulde Mod. 10 A + B

Einbaufertige Durchreiche für den Einsatz im Innenbereich. Geeignet besonders für die Übergabe von Akten, Dokumenten, Geldrollen und Gegenständen.


Kombinationsdurchreiche Mod. 52.01

Kombinationsdurchreiche der Beschussklasse M3 mit integrierter Gegensprechanlage für den Einsatz im Innen u. Aussenbereich. Geeignet besonders für die Übergabe von…


Fassadenschalter Mod. 53.01 / Mod. 53.01 H

Fassadenschalter mit Frontblende und Gegensprechanlage Beschussklasse M3/FB4