Car Park Barriers

Comprehensive access control systems are not limited to pedestrian access but often need to regulate an orderly vehicle access.

Whether as part of a closed parking system, of a BCS access control system, or stand-alone, Magnetic barriers distributed by Bilexa reliably prevent unauthorized parking.

  • sanitary facilities
  • ski resorts
  • public transport
  • Spa / Wellness
  • Leisure / Museums
  • Gebäudeschutz
  • Events & Stadiums
  • car parking
  • building security
  • handheld
  • video systems mobile and stationary
  • vehicles
  • buildings

Magnetic MBE 50

Parkschranke, Baumlänge bis 5 Meter


Magnetic MBE 35

Parkschranke, Baumlänge bis 3,5 Meter


HA 3 Park-B plus Knickbaum

Handkassa und Bedienereinheit für Park-B/C auf PC-Basis