1969 Hermann Altmann, previously cashier systems sales manager for Hugin with experience dating back to 1962, founded Bilexa AG in Zurich, selling Almex Ticket Printers to Austria and Hungary.

1970 The Austrian sister company Bilexa AG, Vertriebs- und Vermietungs G.m.b.H. is founded.
After a short while, Bilexa's sales area is extended to include Switzerland.The product range is extended by the logical supplementary products (ticket)counters and turnstiles.
Years before today's market leaders were even founded, Bilexa introduced a ticketing system based on magstripe cards for ski lifts and arial tramways, demonstrating Hermann Altmann’s far-sightedness.

1974 At Sportgastein, Austria, a Sticord point ticket system for the ski lifts is introduced.

1974 Extension of Almex sales to other countries.

1978 Commencement of sales of safety mats for buses and trams. The Zurich municipal traffic authorities are Bilexa's first customer, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Neoplan.1987 Development of streetside parking pay & display machines. Later, VAtech Elin/EBG took over this product line, which is still among Bilexa's product range.

1994 Installation of a ski resort ticketing and access control system at the famous Davos/Klosters ski resort with Siemens, where Bilexa supplied the turnstiles.

1996 Start of the equipment of public conveniences with payment and access control.2001 Development of the integrated BCS ticketing and access control system based on barcode technology, especially for museums, zoos and similar smaller leisure facilities as well as pools.

2004 With the introduction of holistic spa systems by Schulte-Schlagbaum wit integrated solutions for restaurants, lockers and auxiliary equipment, Bilexa is now ready to offer equipment of complex spas and leisure parks.