BILEXA, a company based in Switzerland and Austria is rich in tradition yet highly responsive, is offering components as well as entire systems for ticketing and access control. The focal points are on the application areas Public Transport, Parking, Leisure Facilities and Public Conveniences. Following the signs of the times, BILEXA's concentrated competences and partnerships have been extended from the public to the private sector. In the areas mentioned, BILEXA sees itself as an all-inclusive system supplier. In the field of Public Transport, all areas dealing with or bordering on ticket sales and ticket inspections can be covered, all the way from the design of ticket counters to ticket printers on buses to ticket stampers or handheld conducter terminals with integration with GPS or control stations. Likewise, in Leisure Facilities, products range from manned ticket windows to Automated Ticket Vendors to Turnstiles and from the simple BCS barcode system for more simple institutions to the holistic SAG facility management system for more complex spas with integrated transponder-based restaurant and locker solutions. For car park management, streetside parking machines for short-term parking are offered as well as closed systems with barriers for payed parking lots and multi-story parkings. This product range is logically complemented by safety implements such as video surveillance systems to safety mats for buses and railway rolling stock. In 1997, BILEXA was quality-certified according to ISO 9001.